Jekyll Starter Kit generator 2.1.0 is out!

Nir Galon
2 min readAug 3, 2017


Creating Jekyll progressive web apps has never been easier

Jekyll Starter Kit

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Jekyll Starter Kit

First thing first, for those of you who has yet to hear about the Jekyll Starter Kit generator, it’s a Yeoman generator for creating Jekyll projects or really Jekyll static websites.

It’ll create for you the default Jekyll website template, with all the best practices from Google Web Starter Kit, all the things you need for your website to be a PWA (progressive web app), and some more cool stuff.

What more cool stuff? Here are couple of examples.

  • You can write pug instead of HTML.
  • You can use CSS or SASS or SCSS.
  • Automagically minifies HTML, and automagically autoprefixing CSS.
  • You can choose to write ES2015 with babel.
  • Concatenate and minify JavaScript.
  • Built-in preview and auto update with BrowserSync.
  • Automagically generates a service worker for your website for offline support.
  • Test the website against lighthouse and fail Travis-CI if the score is below 80.
  • Automagically optimizes image before deploy.
  • Deploy the website to gh-pages or firebase with only one command.
The generator in action

If you can’t wait and already want to try it, all you need to do is npm install -g generator-jekyll-starter-kit and then just yo jekyll-starter-kit . And if you want to help improve this project, just head up to the repo page on GitHub.

What’s new in version 2.1.0?

Not much actually. The project is pretty stable with more then 1k uses (through npm statistics). But some of the things we do for version 2.1 (from 2.0) is update dependencies, fix a small bug when the website output directory wont be removed before building the project, fix a small bug when deploy to gh-pages, switch from coverall to codecov (by the way the project has 100% coverage!), edit output file with more clear instructions, and add a default favicons.


If you try to use it and need some help or just want to talk with the community (or with me), we have a gitter chat room. And if you would like to help make this generator better, you’re awesome! Go to the Want to help section in the README and start from there.